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THE ARTS . . .



The Hendersonville Arts Council’s mission is to be the unifying force for advancing the vital presence of the arts to enhance the quality of life in our region. The Arts Council has a full-time executive director and is supported through community memberships and volunteers. Its 13 member board is appointed by the City of Hendersonville.

The Arts Council sponsors a wide variety of arts experiences designed to enhance the lives of all our community members. In recent years it has sponsored such diverse programs as:

The Arts Council’s involvement with the community began in 1975, being established as an Arm of the City. Since then, it has gained an excellent reputation, proven by the winning of the “Governor’s Arts Award for Cities” and the “ACUCAA Management Award.”

The Arts Council’s headquarters is at Monthaven, a beautiful house built circa 1860. Monthaven is a late example of a Greek Revival period plantation house exhibiting elements of the Victorian period and is on the National Historic Register. It reflects the architecture of the early settlement period and the growing affluence of Middle Tennessee in the early 19th century.

The phone number for the Hendersonville Arts Council headquarters at Monthaven is 615-822-0789.

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