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Photography Sites

If you have any suggestions for additions to this list, please e-mail us. Thanks!

Apex Photo Technical Services
This site contains links to over 200 photography sites—camera and photo equipment, film and batteries, video equipment, digital imaging, newsgroups, on-line magazines, how-to and reference sites, and trade associations.

Chromatics PhotoImaging
Chromatics provides E-6, C-41 and black & white processing for the Nashville area and nationally. They also provide many other services, including custom printing and digital imaging. Check out the Second Floor Gallery. They have wonderful exhibits by national and local photographers.

Cory's Photo Gallery
A nicely done personal web site by Cory Christensen. In addition to his own gallery of photographs, he includes links to other photo galleries, professional photographers' sites and his favorite interactive sites. There are also instructions on how to create your own web page.

Duggal Digital Industries
Duggal is a New York-based full-service lab. They have a very elegant web site, but the main reason they are included on this list is because they provide processing for Agfa's Scala black & white slide film. To receive the latest prices and instructions for having Scala processed, call Duggal at 212-242-7000.

A great source for photography information of any kind. The site includes a good nature photography forum, a classified section and a stolen equipment registry. There is also a Neighbor-to-Neighbor section where you can get info on all sorts of things, including workshops. If you're a nature photographer, the nature forum is great for finding out specifics and tips about an area of the country.

New York Institute of Photography
The NYIP is the world's oldest and largest photography school. You can take courses on-line and also read how-to articles on all aspects of photography.

Stock Solutions — Top Photo Site of the Week
Stock Solutions is a photography stock agency. This site has links to all kinds of photography sites that have been given Stock Solutions' award for "Top Photo Site of the Week." Stock Solutions' site has been acknowledged as one of the "1,001 Best Web Sites" by PC Computing magazine.

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